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Mist & Sea - Fluorite "Serenity" Crystal with Live Air Plant

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This fluorite crystal air plant display mimics the calming colors of the ocean. It represents slowing down and finding calmness and clarity. When you water your plant or hold your crystal, take three deep breaths and repeat this mantra: "Breathing in, I feel peace" as you breath in, and "Breathing out, I release" as you breath out. You have the power to bring yourself to serenity, and my hope is for this magical piece of nature to bring you back to a calm and focused mindset.
Product features:
✦1 - 2 inch Live Air Plant (Tillandsia Ionantha)
✦1 - 2 inch Amethyst Crystal (select size)
✦Crystal Meaning Card
✦Detailed Plant Care Instructions
✦Gift Packaging + Note
Air Plant Care:
✦Dunk the air plant in water or mist thoroughly 1 - 2x per week
✦Dry in a space with good air flow
✦Air plants like bright indirect sunlight, or bright indoor lighting

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